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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  WMAR  September 8, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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you can feel it. the winds at 5-6 miles an hour out of the southwest. once the front moves through it will turn to the north and west and cool the temperatures down. this morning 75, this afternoon 84. you can see the cloud cover moving in. 87 is what i'm forecasting. we can warm up ahead of the front. some areas could reach 90, that would make it the 56th day with 90s. what do you think about that, kim brown? >> looking forward to rain when it does come. as far as your morning traffic goes, we're doing pretty well, working an accident in anne arundel county. that's going to be route 100, eastbound at executive park drive, a single car into the guard rail. we're looking good. here is the beltway at greenspring, light volume, no incidents on the map. we're looking good so far. megan and jamie, back to you. an investigation is underway into an apartment fire that happened in howard county.
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one woman died in this fire. abc 2 news linda so joins us with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: megan, a woman was found dead in that apartment but police don't know at this time how she died. they say her injuries were not related to the fire. investigators are trying to find out why a man who was also found in the fire is in critical condition. the victim's mother told us her daughter divorced the man but he became homeless and she was helping him temporarily. had he a history of a bad temper. the victim had four children ranging from high school to as young as 6. the man, we're told, is the father of the youngest child. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the 6000 block of majors lane in jeffers hill. a neighbor called 911 after seeing heavy smoke. none of the four children were inside the home when the fire started. now they are left to mourn the loss of their mother. >> and just to see him sobbing like that, to just know he
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doesn't have a mother! sad. very sad. >> police have not released the man or woman's identities. both are believed to be in their 30s. at last check the man was in critical condition at shock trauma. the red cross is helping nine families displaced by the fire. linda so, abc 2 news. a maryland man who was the subject of a policeman hunt after authorities say he tried to kill his ex-girlfriend is behind bars. police say the 32-year-old joshua prince from montgomery county surrendered to pennsylvania authorities yesterday afternoon. this all started at an apartment complex in north bethesda. prince shot at his former girlfriend, police say, with a high-powered rifle. he missed. then he took off. authorities say prince's ex- girlfriend filed a restraining order last week. baltimore city police have three teenagers in custody after a stabbing near the
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university of baltimore. it happened monday afternoon in the 1500 block of maryland avenue. the area we're talking about is close to penn station. the victim told police a boy that was pretty young asked him if he had change for a $5 bill. when the 37-year-old victim refused, he said another boy stuck a knife in his back. turns out the alleged attacker is just 14 years old. the victim was able to flag down a university of baltimore police officer who in turn contacted baltimore city police. officers found three suspects, two 14-year-olds and a 16-year- old. there's nothing worse than being crammed into a tight space. that's what students and parents say is happening at one baltimore county elementary school. we're going to go there live. >> reporter: we're in lutherville at hampton elementary school where right behind me you see these trailers? this is what is at issue here. basically there is a push to build an addition here at the
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school in lutherville to prevent overcrowding. this school opened last week with 500 students, but the building only has the capacity for about 300. there are eight trailers outside of the school, four on each side, and that's how they are educating the students. every fourth and fifth grader will be in a trailer this year. parents thought construction on the addition was supposed to have already started. a countywide referendum is needed before funding for the addition can be approved. >> there's bathrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium, there's stress on that. >> reporter: we'll have more about the first action they need to take to prevent overcrowding, what parents have to say. reporting live, sherrie
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johnson, abs 2 news. a change in store for the lyric opera house in baltimore. it will be renamed for the former own of the of the ravens and his wife who gave $3.5 million to the theater building campaign. the ceremony for the modell center will take place september 31. president obama hits the road to drum up support for economic programs. most americans are not happy with the economy. the question is who they trust to fix it. i'm emily schmidt in washington, that story coming up. a pastor of a small florida church planning a koran burning on this september 11th. we're waiting for the front to drop through, dropping the temperatures off. we're definitely pretty warm, mild outside. check out the temperatures as we head into hanover.
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that temperature around 75 degrees. edgemere 74. towson 74. another big story, we're going to be very windy with the winds of the southwest, gusts to 25 miles per hour as we go throughout the day. let's send this to the m.t.a. >> good morning. it's a smooth commute on the rails. no delays. on the buses we have a delay on the 35 bus running about 15 minutes late, diversions as well at fayette and utah.
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take a look at your screen. these are amazing pictures from michigan. take a look at what 50-mile-per- hour winds did to the western part of the state. the national park stayed open during the windstorm but workers are ready to handle any
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downed trees that covered roads or trails. good morning, everyone. i was looking at the video. do you know what a dust storm in the desert is? it's called a habub. jamie, don't let her call you a habub. we're looking at maryland's most powerful radar. we're dry. further to the north we had a shower that popped up to the east of carlisle, fizzled out. i think we should stay dry for the most part with the front moving throughout the day, there's a chance for a sprinkle across the area. temperature in bel air 70 degrees. we are looking at temperatures in the 70s into annapolis right around 74 degrees. some other temperatures across
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the area, yes, we're at 77 degrees into new york, 75 into baltimore. look towards the west, that's what's going to be coming in, the 50s as we go through this evening and also into tomorrow evening as well. yes, much cooler air moving in across the area. let's send this to kim brown. >> one crash this morning on the eastbound lanes of route 100 as you approach executive park drive. you will see police on the scene of a single vehicle crash. hopefully they will get that cleared up. no lanes blocked. the drive times and cameras, we're looking good on the harrisburg expressway, no delays between shawan and the beltway on the top side of the outer loop between the 83 and j.f.k. on 83 light volume, no problems in either direction.
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>> i like that. a new nickname for. >> you have for you. >> the honors keep coming in for betty white. where she will make an aexperience next.
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>> the insurance institute for highway safety released the latest test results for a car booster seat for kids. the results are good overall. however, some tests reveal some important information that every parent needs to know about when you strap your child into a seat. abc takes a look. >> reporter: when it comes to booster seats, parents have dozens of products to choose from. >> the trouble is there's no standard for how a booster seat should work. without our ratings, parents have to check that a particular booster will work with their kid in their vehicle. >> reporter: why does fit matter? in case of a crash, an improperly fitted seat to lead
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to injuries or death. the insurance institute tested the fit of 75 seats, using a crash dummy. >> the way we evaluate is to assess how well they position lap and shoulder belts on kids in a range of different vehicle times. >> reporter: 21 seats were rated best bets, 7 good bets, an increase over last year. one of the institute's best bets is the harmony secure comfort deluxe. >> you can see the lap belt lies flat across the upper thighs, not on the stomach. and the clip helps keep the shoulder belt in the middle. shoulder so the belts are in good position to provide protect. >> reporter: researchers found eight of the seats did not meet standards, including the even- flo generation 65. >> the main problem is the lap belt is too high on the stomach. another issue is the shoulder belt is too close to the neck. it will cause comfort issues. >> the rest of the seats they
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tested fell somewhere in the middle. the institute determined most fit well across the lap but not over the shoulder. so what should parents do if their booster seat is not recommended? researchers recommend that you test the seat out to see that it fits in the right places, to make sure it's safe to use. abc news, los angeles. >> 5:17. an update on a story we told you about last month. friends of local ninth grader jolting joe gorman battling leukemia, at loyala last month. we asked to you join the joe bone marrow drive. we're happy to report a donor has been found. joe will go under the operation next month. so joe gorman, you're on your way, bud! good morning. it is hump day. we're getting closer to the
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weekend. we looked good yesterday, if you like the warmer temperatures. 91 degrees. yes, that's what we came in at baltimore, even altoona, 90s across the board here except for norfolk pushing that, and new york came in at 87 degrees. check out charleston, 93. so, oh, yes, it was a hot day yesterday. temperatures right now 75 degrees into baltimore. really weren't able to cool down that much, because we had the clouds out there. when you have the clouds, well, they act like a blanket and temperatures can't drop. 72 degrees in altoona right now. and pittsburgh coming in at 64. 71 charleston. norfolk 73. new york coming in at 77 degrees. we could get into the 90s again as we go throughout the day before the front passes because we're starting on the warm side. the satellite and radar picking up on the cold front, this is what we're waiting to come through. we have some cooler, drier air behind that. we can see what's ahead of the front. we do see a few showers trying to move in from the new england and down across the southeast
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as well. let me talk about the showers. the rain that's really falling as we go into texas. yes, all this is courtesy of what was once tropical storm hermine but right now it is a tropical depression. we can see lots of rain in central and northern texas pushing into kansas. in addition, they could get 4 to 6 inches more and even more locally. yes, they are going to be dealing with flooding concerns as we go into time here. the forecast as we head to the next several days, this model picks up more cloud cover. i do believe we'll see more sunshine once the front passes, especially tomorrow, more sunshine. and also for friday. make sure you get out there and enjoy it because the temperatures, oh, yeah, you're going to enjoy those. let me show you today, 87 degrees. you know what? bwi could push the 90-degree mark. we're looking for that. increasing clouds throughout the day, it's warm and windy as
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well before the front passes. and then as night comes things will die down and then the skies will clear more. so it's going to allow for temperatures to drop off. 55 degrees. you're going to need the jacket this evening. by tomorrow a nice 78 degrees, nice and pleasant, mostly sunny skies. don't miss that. all right. let's send this over to kim brown with your traffic. >> thanks. good morning. eastbound this morning across the bay bridge, the right lane is being blocked because of some debris reported in the roadway. we're still working a single car crash eastbound route 100 at executive park drive, no lanes blocked at this time. right know looking at our drive times and cameras, this is 97 at route 100, no issues northbound or southbound. southbound looking good towards 50. northbound all good as you head towards the beltway. as we look here, making your way on the outer loop, drive times from bel air to providence, a 5-minute right. on the very top side between
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the 83s, no problems to report. jamie, back to you. >> it's time for the big birthday. who is the lucky one here on this september morn? crystal lives in beautiful easton. she turns 24 today. happy birthday, crystal! >> hope it's a good one, crystal. if you're celebrating a birthday, just like crystal, we would love to say happy birthday to you here on the air on "good morning maryland." send us an e-mail with a picture, give us the details so we can wish them happy birthday. just send everything to morning show at >> oprah winfrey, sir paul mccartney and merle haggard all will be on the list of the kennedy center honorees this year, recipients recognized for contributions to our culture. the ceremony will be held december 5th in washington,
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d.c. >> you're excited about this. betty white, actress, author, and now super hero. that's right. the 88-year-old who just won an emmy for hosting saturday night live is about to get her own comic book character. female force betty white, a 32- page book will be available in stores in november. i can see her in a cape now. >> i can too. >> i like it. >> okay. hey, burger king, you're a big fan of burger king, hoping to take a big bite out of the competition. >> what new breakfast item the giant plants to add to their menu. [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon.
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the komen race is coming up, abc will broadcast the
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event. you have to register, take part. go to our website, when you get there, look at the top of the home page, click on the lifestyle tab and scroll down to the right and click on "think pink." >> 5:26. the orioles beat the yankees again 6-2. c.c. sabathia is a lock in the bronx but the orioles were locked in, scoring three in the first and derek jeter, who never lies, says the orioles are pretty good. new york writers meet with buck showalter, whipping out the 2011 spring training, the mileage, i have to know what time the bus leaves. he is that detailed. we fans are enjoying this ride. >> he's no joke.
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good morning, everyone. it's wednesday. happy wednesday to you. you know, we do have a nice seven-day forecast for the most part, especially if you like the cooler temperatures. today is the day we have to really get through. it's going to be windy, maybe a couple showers early this morning, but behind it we're going to cool things off. before 87 degrees, 78, nice fall-like weather into thursday and also friday. saturday looking good once again. ample sunshine, temperature around 82. the next chance for showers and thunderstorms possibly might roll in on sunday and maybe on monday. then things look good as we head into tuesday, temperature coming in at 83 degrees. let's head to new york for tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, google unveils details about its move to television. google tv which marries the tv and internet will support apps like most smart phones. users will be able to change the channel using voice recognition technology. it launches in the fall. apple launched an attempt at
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social networking last week, ping shows what you your favorite artists are doing. apple will make improvement but for now the "wall street journal's" katie guret is not impressed. >> i found a lot of problems out of the gate. basically, they have the music part down pat. but the social aspect of the social network is a little bit lacking. >> katie says one of the biggest problems is you can't import your friends from facebook. her full review is on the "wall street journal" website. those are your tech bites.
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>> if you're upset with how we're managing the economy, the president plans to roll out a plan to help. a lockdown at a school in


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